Gifted Translator Jin Xiaoyu promotes Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 with "translation"

2022/04/13 18:42

On April 8, students from Zhejiang University City College taught volunteers English, Japanese and sign language related to Asian (Para) Games Hangzhou 2022. There was a special member in the teacher team. He was Jin Xiaoyu reputed as the "Gifted Translator" who once drew the attention of the whole internet. This was the first time that he shared his own foreign language learning experience in public.

Jin Xiaoyu said: "The charm of translation is that there are endless possibilities. On the process of infinitely approaching the artistic conception of the original text, what needs to be improved is not just language. The language without cultural support is stuffless and inaccurate."

Unfortunately, Jin Xiaoyu was visually impaired during his childhood; later, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, he found a weapon to fight against the fate due to translation. So far, he has translated and published 22 books with nearly 7 million Chinese characters, praised as the "Gifted Translator" by internet friends.

Recently, there is good news that Jin Xiaoyu's eye disease may have a turnaround. Jin Xiaoyu's father said: "Even if there is only a little improvement in eyesight, the world is a little more colorful for Jin Xiaoyu."

Jin Xiaoyu (Rear Right 3) joins the rank of volunteers.

Jin Xiaoyu reputed as the "Gifted Translator" shared his own foreign language learning experience in public.

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