3×3 Basketball court brings real feeling of watching game of street basketball

2022/03/24 18:53

In September 2022, 3*3 basketball games of Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 will be kicked off in Deqing County, Huzhou City. It is estimated that teams from 40 countries (regions) will compete for 2 gold medals.

It is learned that 3*3 basketball is a variation of street basketball originated in USA. This sport is a representative of street sport and street culture. Compared with regular basketball games, the style of 3*3 basketball games is more free and closer to common citizens. Consequently, the competition area was designed to be nearer to the audience, bringing feeling of watching games on the streets to the audience.

The core competition area is set next to the axis of the city of Deqing, Huzhou. Looking around from the top of the spectators' stand, one can enjoy all the beautiful sceneries and the feeling of strolling in a forest. 

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