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Huanglong Sports Centre Starts Light Test, Adopting Asian Games Hangzhou 2022’s Themes and Slogans
2021/12/17 11:30 Source: Hangzhou Daily

The lighting project of Huanglong Sports Centre has almost come to an end. The south and north towers had a light test. In the test, all themes and slogans were focused on Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, aiming to perfectly match various competitions and events taking place in the venue and to bring out its special charm.

The construction of Huanglong Sports Centre started in 1997 and ended in 2000. Many important cultural and sports events haven been held here, including the Seventh China Arts Festival (2004), FIFA Women’s World Cup 2007, Stankovic Intercontinental Basketball Champion Cup 2008, the 8th National Games of Disabled Persons (2011), and the 13th National Student Sports Games (2017). It is also the long-term home field for Greentown Football Club. Now it is not only a good place for bodybuilding but a stage for sports competitions and cultural performances.