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Cross through Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium in One Take
2021/12/14 15:42 Source: The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou Organizing Committee

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium is the main venue for the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. Not only the opening and closing ceremonies but the track and field events are to be held.

The design of the venue was enlightened by the ancient pattern and weaving systems on silk and the architectural form was inspired by the dynamic water in Qiantang River. The roof, made up of 28 “petals” and 27 smaller ones, is both dynamic and graceful. That’s how the stadium got the nickname “Big Lotus”.

The “Big Lotus” is equipped with a 400m comprehensive track-and-field ground and a football field in international standard size. A synthetic rubber track with “10 straights and 9 curves” can better match an intercontinental event like the Asian Games.

Equipped with 80 thousand seats, it is now the third largest sports venue in China. The seats are in changeable colors, from red, purple, gray, light blue, to dark blue, circling around the stadium like a rainbow.

Due to the special image of “Big Lotus”, the gradient of the stands has also been adjusted to better match audience’s line of sight for the best game watching experience.