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Top players give thumbs-up for Grand Canal Asian Games Park
2021/11/24 10:25 Source:

A tournament is held at the Grand Canal Asian Games Park in Hangzhou, on Nov 19. [Photo/]

The 2021 Table Tennis Invitational Tournament of Cities Along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal proved that the Grand Canal Asian Games Park is qualified to host top table tennis games, local media reported on Nov 21.

The invitational tournament is the venue's first official sporting event since it passed the evaluations of the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee on Oct 31.

Provincial and municipal teams in the Yangtze River Delta regions were invited to test the venue's facilities and services.

"We have enjoyed playing games in the venue," said Shanghai player Wu Jieling after completing a game on Nov 19.

A player in motion. [Photo/]

Xi Minjie, coach of Team Shanghai, said the venue, although massive, does not feel empty. He added that the air conditioning system, though powerful enough to heat and cool and sprawling venue, does not affect the movement of the ball.

Xi mentioned that the "lighting is a little bit too much but still acceptable for the players."

Han Guoli, vice-director of the tournament's organizing team, said that there will be further fine-tuning of facilities, especially the lights, before the Asian Games kick off.

From Sept 10 to 25, 2022, the Grand Canal Asian Games Park will host the table tennis, breaking, and hockey competitions.