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Searching for Asian Games along Great Canal
2021/09/27 16:31 Source: OCASIA

The name of the Hangzhou Asian Games mascot "Chenchen“ is originated from the iconic Gongchen Bridge on the Hangzhou section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Coloured in high-tech blue, Chenchen holds the world's rare tide of the Qianjiang River on his head with the image of Gongchen Bridge on its forehead, giving people endless imagination.

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As the Hangzhou Asian Games draws near, the term "fitness for all" is gradually gaining popularity. People living on both sides of the canal can deeply appreciate the atmosphere of the Asian Games. The construction of the Asian Games venues in Gongshu district of Hangzhou is also in its final stage.

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Next year, Asian Games venues in Gongshu district will host table tennis, hockey, boxing and other popular sports. Two new sports will be added to the Hangzhou Asian Games - e-sports and break dancing - both will be held in Gongshu. E-sports and chess are both intelligent events while dance breaking is a kind of sport dancing. The addition of these two new elements has added a different flavour to the Hangzhou Asian Games which attracts more young people to the Asian Games and makes them look forward to it.