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Pump It Up Civic Athletes
2021/09/01 15:32 Source: The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee

As the Hangzhou Asian Games  draws near,the enthusiasm of Hangzhou citizens to participate in sports and exercise is growing day by day.

Qiantang District is an important ground for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Civic athletes have been getting into the swing of things.From school campus to communities,there is an active sporting atmosphere.

Xingfu River Primary School in Qiantang District launched the "365 Health Run" project that teachers and students run together for fun and education.

The sporting spirit of confidence and optimism is conveyed via the project.

The communities also promote handball as a family activity to set an example for children.

Qiantang Roller Sports Centre,shaped like a whirlwind gyroscope,is located at East Bay Sports Park.At night, it is lit up in a variety of styles.

The venue is the most professional indoor skating venue in Asia that

features the first hyperbolic roller-skating track in China.This offers a sports bonus for sports enthusiasts.