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The Interior of Deqing Volleyball Court Is Revealed for the First Time
2021/02/25 09:56 Source: Hangzhou Daily

One of the arenas for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, Deqing County Sports Center Arena will undertake part of the volleyball matches (male/female) in group stage. It is only arena in Huzhou that undertakes Asian Games competitions.

The comprehensive building renovation project, along with the renovation and upgrading of outdoor supporting facilities, took the lead to resume construction on the early morning of 21st February at the construction site of Deqing County Sports Center Arena renovation project.

An aerial view of Deqing County Sports Center Arena

The renovation project involves four major areas – main arena, functional competition service rooms, tennis court for news broadcast, and comprehensive building. Up to now the renovation of the main arena has almost completed and will be reviewed in March according to the plan. The renovation of the main structure of the comprehensive building has completed. The whole project will be finished in June according to the plan.

The venue takes on a new look

The flooring in the venue has been upgraded into professional wooden sports flooring meeting the demands of international competitions, the same as that for NBA matches. It is worth mentioning that the elastic rubber layers among the underlying joists have been improved, improving the shock absorption ability of the flooring by over 53%, which meets the sports standard for international competitions. It will greatly ease the strong impact athletes generate while moving around the court vigorously.

Professional wooden sports flooring is laid in the venue

The renovation project, focusing on “recycle”, embodies the idea of “Hosting the Asian Games in a frugal way”. Renovation will be made in 7 aspects, including the volleyball courts, facilities of audience zone, functional competition rooms, professional competition system, media and broadcast zone, security system, and supporting facilities. The arena will perfectly meet the demands of Asian Games competitions after the renovation.

The arena will perfectly meet the demands of Asian Games competitions after the renovation