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Past meets future at countdown ceremony
2019/09/24 17:23 Source: The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee

A colourful and energetic cultural performance opened the countdown ceremony. 

The Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City on the outskirts of Hangzhou was the green and serene setting for the three-year countdown ceremony to the 19th Asian Games on Tuesday,September 10.  

Liangzhu City,a UNESCO World Heritage site,provides evidence of the 5,000-year history of Chinese civilization - and the presence of a high-powered OCA team provided evidence of the next Asian Games. 

The ceremony also marked the global call of organising committee HAGOC for the creative script writing for the opening and closing ceremonies and for the slogan of the 19th Asian Games,which will run from September 10-25,2022. 

The Chairman of the OCA Coordination Committee,Hon. Life Vice President Raja Randhir Singh,represented the OCA at the ceremony. 

"The OCA regards China as a very important partner in the Olympic Movement,not only in Asia but in the world,"said Raja Randhir. 

"You have dazzled us with your beautiful opening and closing ceremonies for many years now and we are sure you will have some surprises in 2022." 

The ceremony began with an energetic drum and dance performance and culminated with the release of 2,022 white doves to signify peace and friendship through the 2022 Asian Games. 

The guests were welcomed by Li Jianming,Vice Minister of the General Administration of Sport in China and Vice President of the Chinese Olympic Committee,before HAGOC Vice President Zhou Jiangyong provided details of the script-writing and slogan proposals. 

The deadline for slogan suggestions is October 10,2019 and for the ceremony storyboard is January 31,2020. 

Raja Randhir Singh takes part in the countdown ceremony.