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OCA delegrates 'enter the dragon' venue tour
2019/09/24 17:28 Source:The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee

The venue tour also took in the site of the Asian Games Village. 

The Dragon Sports Centre in Hangzhou was the focal point of the venue tour for OCA delegates on the morning of Tuesday,September 10. 

The Dragon Sports Centre,officially known as Huanglong Sports Centre,is located 18km from the Asian Games Village and will host three sports: football,water polo and gymnastics. 

The football stadium holds 52,000 and it will be the venue for the final. The gymnasium will seat 6,000 for gymnastics while the water polo venue will have a capacity of 2,000. 

The venue for water polo is in the swimming and diving hall of the sports centre,but the swimming pool is currently a basketball court. It will be transformed into a pool in 2021 one and a half years before the Asian Games. 

The tour continued to the headquarters of the 20,000- capacity Asian Games Village - which incorporates the Athletes' Village,Technical Officials' Village and Media Village - located 3km from Olympic Park. Later,delegates visited the AGV site to view the plans and the start of the construction work. 

The venue tour ended at the Hangzhou International Expo Centre which will house the Main Media Centre International Broadcast Centre and Main Press Centre in two ofthe giant exhibition halls. 

"The members of the OCA Coordination Committee are impressed,satisfied and happy with the preparations for the 19th Asian Games,"said OCA CC Chairman Raja Randhir Singh. 

"The Asian Games Village is amazing. The Village and the MainMedia Centre are very close to the Olympic Park,so the wholething has been very well planned." 

OCA CC members visit the football stadium of the Dragon Sports Centre.