Announcement on the Call for Solutions for the Key Projects of "Smart Games" of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022
2019/10/10 14:16 Source:HAGOC

In order to present the Hangzhou Asian Games as a grand sports and culture gathering featuring "Chinese grandeur, Zhejiang style, Hangzhou flavour, Shared by All", the Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (HAGOC) will work around the positioning of "New Era of China, Great Hangzhou Asian Games", adhere to the concept of being "green, smart, economical and ethical", and widely consolidate social forces. To this end, HAGOC will launch the public call for solutions for the key projects of "Smart Games", in order to jointly create the gold brand of "Smart Games".

I. Participant qualification

HAGOC sincerely welcomes all enterprises, scientific research institutions and higher education institutions that are interested in providing solutions for the key projects of "Smart Games" of the Hangzhou Asian Games (hereinafter referred to as the "Participants") to take part in this event and contribute their wisdom and strength to the Hangzhou Asian Games.

II. Duration of the Call

The Call will start from the date of this announcement and close on December 25, 2019.

III. Projects calling for solutions

The Call aims to procure the solutions for the smart presentation of the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022, focusing on the research on key technical subjects of 10 projects, including smart command, smart security and protection, smart security inspection, smart lifestyle, smart performance, smart venues, smart language services, smart travel, smart spectating and display of innovative technology application, in order to provide support for the successful and high-quality staging of the smart grand sports gathering. The Participants shall submit solutions by project. The projects are as follows:

Project 1 Smart Command

The smart command system is the Games-time "brain" of the Asian Games. It mainly refers to the comprehensive command system that uses artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies, to open up the information passage, so as to achieve data linkage and interoperability in the aspects of security, transport, communications, medical services, human resources and logistic materials among government departments, Asian Games venues (Athletes Villages), Hangzhou city and Games zones. The system shall be able to display real-time and massive data in a visual and interactive way and meet the needs for optimizing the Game's resource allocation, coordinating Games-time operations and improving city support and supervision, by using independent algorithms. The main components of the system include:

—— Command and coordination system. By constructing a wired and wireless diversified communication network, this system will efficiently realize the comprehensive command and coordination of "people, vehicles, and materials" and other resources before, during and after the Games.

——Digital integrated venue operation and management system. In the Games venues and Athletes Villages, a smart management system will be built, which integrates smart facilities and smart services to realize real-time interaction, unified management and overall linkage. The system includes passenger flow monitoring, utility energy consumption monitoring and control, key areas live monitoring, and smart staff (including volunteers and co-operative partners) management, so as to achieve comprehensive, multi-dimensional management of venue infrastructure, sports competitions and events, venue staff, athletes, and spectators.

——Regional coordination and management system. By opening up the information passage between venues (Athletes Villages)in Hangzhou and in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Huzhou, Shaoxing, etc., a coordinated management system will be built for the integration and analysis of Games information, and the coordination between venues (Athletes Villages).

——Traffic command and coordination system. This refers to a visual smart traffic coordination and command system that provides urban road accident prevention, congestion control and rapid evacuation in the areas around the Games venues and Athletes Villages, provides real-time information of traffic operation during the Games and Games-time forecasts of the traffic changes in a timely manner, so as to achieve the goal of Games-wide information collection, command integration and full-process monitoring.

——Emergency command system. This is a unified command and coordination system that covers government departments in charge of security, transport, communications, first-aid, meteorology, etc.. This information system deals with special, sudden, emergency incidents during the Games and provides emergency services, to achieve the result of unified command, rapid response, unified emergency handling and joint action.

This smart command system combines in one the operation systems of Games operation, security synchronisation, traffic command and coordination and logistics support, to create a unified Games management system in the whole province, which provides an important guarantee for holding the Hangzhou Asian Games in a "smoothly operated, accurately scheduled, well-commanded, and safe and reliable" way.

Project 2 Smart Security and Protection

This project aims to research and develop intelligent equipment and technical means for the security of the venues and Athletes Villages and provide smart security and protection systems, equipment and solutions for the Hangzhou Asian Games. The project shall provide full-process non-blind-spot monitoring over the key areas of the Games by creating a three-dimensional safety, protection and control system, and offer tiered real-time early warning and reference and basis for making security decisions and commands.

Project 3 Smart Security Inspection

This project aims to research and develop technical means that features low radiation, less contact, rapid passthrough in security inspection; research early warning technology for security checks in densely populated areas such as Games venues; and research technologies for real-time transmission, storage and analysis of security information. The project shall achieve the result of significantly reducing the overall security inspection time compared with all previous Asian Games, especially the security inspection time for the opening and closing ceremonies and improving the spectators' experience.

Project 4 Smart Lifestyle

The client groups of the "Three Villages" (Athletes Village, Media Village, and Technical Officials Village) of the Asian Games are: athletes and team officials, accredited media, and technical officials and referees. The design of smart lifestyle in the "Three Villages" shall focus on the experience of the target client groups, harmonize with the actual environment of the "Three Villages", and aim at building a convenient, sharing and efficient life in the villages, by using the mainstream Internet communication as the channel and providing related smart service terminals. The functions of the system shall be designed in accordance with the main living requirements of the client groups, meeting their needs in the five scenarios: food, accommodation, shopping, entertainment and health care.

——Food. Provide real-time information on the location of dining hall relevant to the client group and instant navigation; provide real-time information on the customer flow in the dining hall for the clients to avoid peak hours; provide daily menu information and recommended dishes in real time for customers to select, and develop personalized menu based on clients' identity (sports), gender, geographic origin, religion, and personal diets.

——Accommodation. Provide robot butler services, such as baggage transport, changing daily necessities, etc.; provide services such as non-sensible floor guiding, unlocking lockers, receiving and sending courier packages, and so on.

——Shopping. Provide fast shopping guidance; use corresponding smart terminals to realize non-sensible payment (through face recognition or chip technology) for all shopping payments in the villages; and provide online purchase and delivery services for licensed products in the villages.

——Entertainment. Provide fast navigation to entertainment venues and facilities in the villages; and provide online personalized audio and video on-demand services.

——Health care. Provide real-time information on the location of rehabilitation centre and fast navigation; provide online sports rehabilitation guidance based on the personal information of different client groups such as gender, sports and training scores.

Project 5 Smart Performance

This project requires research on the creative design and technical support of smart performances in large-scale events such as opening and closing ceremonies, torch relay, countdown ceremonies, cultural shows and exhibitions, etc., in order to leave an impressive and memorable visual experience for the audience.

Project 6 Smart venues

This project aims to research the digital model construction technology for key venues; research the data collection and sharing technology to establish a data management platform and data library system for key venues; facilitate the early deployment of smart hardware facilities in key venues to realize the smart use of equipment and special competition facilities in these venues.

Project 7 Smart Language Services

This project requires research on the language service solutions for athletes, team officials, technical officials, OCA Family, international dignitaries and Chinese leaders during the Games, to achieve the goal of providing remote and smart language services for the Games through the use of new methods, new ideas and new technologies. The project shall break through the limitations of traditional language services, greatly improve service efficiency, save manpower, material resources and transport costs, and promote the language-barrier-free experience of all client groups, so as to realize the concept of running green, smart and economical Hangzhou Asian Games.

——Remote simultaneous interpretation for conferences. Under the premise of having stable and reliable technology, provide remote simultaneous interpretation for some competition venues. By using the AI kernel translation system based on the Internet, the distributed audio transmission format and SAAS network layout, simultaneous interpreter are enabled to remotely receive the signals of site voice, live video, PPT and other materials in real time, and provide the Games with high quality remote simultaneous interpretation services at a higher translation rate and accuracy rate from the headquarters of language service centre

——Multilingual interpreting service hotline based on an APP module. Through the customized special APP module, provide multilingual interpreting services that combine online machine interpreting and human interpreting for the clients.

——Portable smart interpreting devices. Portable smart multilingual interpreting devices based on voice recognition, voice conversion, machine translation and other technologies, which are placed in designated venues such as competition venues, official hotels, etc., to achieve barrier-free voice and language interaction between people, and between people and machine , at the Games.

Project 8 Smart Travel

In view of the needs for efficient and safe transport of goods and passengers under the circumstances of dense traffic flow of materials, equipment and personnel during the Games, this project aims to research and construct the Asian Games comprehensive transport support system based on the city brain, which, combined with the setting up of dedicated Asian Games lanes on the road, is able to quickly identify the dedicated Games vehicles and ensure them to pass through fast and continuously; research and establish a Games-time traffic guidance system based on the spectator travel prediction system with the focus on the establishment of an efficient concentration and evacuation dispatch system for public transport; research the high-reliability inter-vehicle communication technology and roadside global sensing technology based on 5G network and long-term evolution-vehicle networking (LTE-V2X, C-V2X) to establish a vehicle-based, road-based comprehensive traffic situational perception system; research the vehicle high-precision positioning technology, automatic driving service and fast path planning technology; research and build an all-dimensional traffic perception, interconnection, analysis, predicting and control system for the Asian Games, so as to achieve the rapid delivery of all kinds of materials and equipment and the safe and efficient travel of all kinds of personnel during the Games.

Project 9 Smart Spectating

This project aims to research the comprehensive application of new shooting, production, transmission, spectating, interacting and other technologies in the Asian Games, to provide people with an interactive, multi-dimensional spectating experience at the Asian Games. The project includes but not limited to the following functions: provide an immersive spectating experience and multi-angle viewing options assisted with event-related information selection; research mobile camera position shooting, multi-camera path synchronized planning and other shooting methods; research technologies for real-time editing, special effects synthesis, commentary synchronisation, efficient coding and decoding, alternation by viewpoint, etc.; research high-quality storage, scheduling, distribution, transmission and other technologies; research the connecting of program resources with transmission networks and the supporting technology for the quality of high-bandwidth full-link service (QoS); and research the comprehensive application of radio and television networks, 5G communication networks and smart terminal technology.

Project 10 Display of Innovative Technology Application

Aiming at demonstrating China's wisdom and strength to the world and its pioneering role in innovative technology application, we call for the scheme to showcase the application of cutting-edge technologies that change the traditional experience at large-scale sports events, so as to make the Hangzhou Asian Games an important platform for the display of the application of revolutionary new technologies.

For further details about the above projects, please contact the corresponding persons as follows:

Smart command: Lv Yongcao, +86-571-85253584;

Smart security and protection: Wu Wei, +86-571-85253588;

Smart security inspection: Jin Xiao, +86-571-85253588;

Smart lifestyle: Shou Wuzheng, +86-571-85253250;

Smart travel: Jin Yansen, +86-571-85253534;

Smart performance: An Liang, +86-571-85253567;

Smart venues: Li Shenfei, +86-571-85259538;

Smart language services: Zhu Yan, +86-571-85253526;

Smart spectating: Lin Huaming, +86-571-85255240;

Display of innovative technology Application: Zhan Yongzhe, +86-571-85253527.

IV. Participation Requirements

Each Participant may apply for one or multiple projects, and one or multiple solutions can be submitted for each project. The requirements for the solutions are as follows:

1. The solution should be able to effectively solve the difficulties or problems of the Asian Games. It should present the new technology that is expected to mature and stabilize and can be innovatively applied in the next three years in venue operation, Games activities and services. The solution must conform to the smart concept of the Hangzhou Asian Games and reflect the innovative vitality of Hangzhou as the host city of the Asian Games.

2. The solution should be operative and suitable for the planning, design and establishment of the key projects of the smart Games.

3. The solution should be safe, stable and moderately forward-looking, ensuring a moderate leading position in the application of new technologies in large-scale competitions held in the same period.

4. The solution should reflect the urban characteristics of the Hangzhou Asian Games and the features of Hangzhou as the first city of digital economy, a historical and cultural city, and the Internet innovation city.

5. The solution should fully consider demonstrating China's wisdom and strength to the world, and enable the Hangzhou Asian Games to become the leader in the innovative application of technologies in large-scale sports events.

6. The solution should include key elements such as key technology type selection, investment budget, construction period, and expected results.

V. Method of solution submission

The Participant shall sign and fill out the relevant documents including the Letter of Commitment, Letter of Authorisation and "Form of Solution Information, and submit the solution according to the requirements specified in this announcement. The solution should be submitted in written form (in any format) and accompanied by an electronic version (U key/CD). The Participant may also choose to submit a video version of the solution at its discretion. All submitted solutions must not infringe the intellectual property rights, copyrights, and any other rights of any third party.

The solution should be submitted to Xiang Qianhong, Room 1014, Building B, Kunlun Center, 150 Fuchun Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou. Tel:+86-571-85253266.

VI. Evaluation and Release of Solutions

HAGOC will evaluate the submitted solutions; select the best solutions for each project and issue certificates; and release the updates on the Call for "smart Games" solutions in a timely manner. Under the same circumstances, HAGOC will give priority to the short-listed participating enterprises in the follow-up project cooperation and construction work.

The Participants can have access to the relevant information and latest developments of the Call on the official website of HAGOC




Appendixes: 1. Letter of Commitment

2. Letter of Authorisation

3. Form of Solution Information



The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee

September 25, 2019

Appendix 1

Letter of Commitment

To: The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee (hereinafter referred to as "HAGOC")

Under the premise of fully understanding and voluntarily accepting the requirements specified in the document of the Call for Solutions for the Key Projects of "Smart Games" of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the "Call") and all its appendixes, this corporate/unincorporated organisation (hereinafter referred to as the "committed person") voluntarily makes the following commitments to HAGOC:

Article 1 The committed person officially accepts the invitation of HAGOC to take part in this Call as a Participant, observes all the requirements of the Call, and submits a solution/solutions for the key projects of "Smart Games".

Article 2 The committed person hereby voluntarily makes the following guarantees and commitments to HAGOC on matters related to the participation of the committed person in this Call:

1. The committed person (including but not limited to the personnel, employees, consultants, agencies and/or any third party working for the committed person) has read and understood in detail the "Announcement on the Call for Solutions for the Key Projects of "Smart Games" of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the "Announcement") and all its appendixes. The committed person is also committed to follow the relevant arrangements and requirements that HAGOC has made and will make for this Call (including but not limited to the ones listed in the Announcement) and holds no objection.

2. The committed person will not disclose any information that has been obtained in this Call but not released to the public by HAGOC and Hangzhou Asian Games to any third party.

3. The committed person will not conduct commercial promotion on its participation in this Call in any form at any time and in any place, and shall not express or imply any connection between the committed person and HAGOC, the Hangzhou Asian Games, and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). Without the written consent of HAGOC, the committed person shall not use or authorize the use of any property or rights related to the Asian Games, including but not limited to the logo and symbol of the OCA, the emblem (emblems of all previous Asian Games), trademark, theme, logo, mascot or other designations.

4. All costs and expenditure incurred by the committed person in participating in this Call shall be borne by the committed person itself unless otherwise agreed with HAGOC.

5. The committed person has full capacity for civil rights and civil conduct to participate in this Call. Any seal and signature made and any documents submitted by the committed person in this Call are authentic, legal, valid, and binding to the committed person.

6. The committed person respects the evaluation opinions and decisions made by HAGOC (including its recognized third-party organisations) on the solution submitted in this Call. Regardless of whether the solution for the key projects of "Smart Games" is selected, the committed person will not take any action that may undermine the rights, image or reputation of the above units and organisations.

Article 3 The committed person hereby voluntarily makes the following promises and guarantees to HAGOC, the OCA and their related affiliates regarding the use, transfer and ownership of the intellectual property rights and other rights and interests of the solution submitted in the Call:

1. The committed person guarantees the originality of the solution submitted to HAGOC (including any solution submitted in any case, at any time, such as initial submission, subsequent modification, replenishment, deepening or withdrawal); guarantees that the solution is completed independently without the assistance of others; and guarantees that the solution and the use of the solution by HAGOC (including the third parties recognized by HAGOC) will not involve any infringement, breach of contract, and any other illegal or improper situation.

2. From the date of signing this Letter of Commitment, the committed person has transferred, free of charge, the worldwide intellectual property rights (including but not limited to the patent application right, patent right, trademark right, copyright (except personal rights), etc) of the solution for the key projects of the "Smart Games" and all rights to all images or stereoscopic representations of the solution for the key projects of the "Smart Games" and all derivative rights related thereto to HAGOC, in a one-off, irrevocable and exclusive way, in the manner and means permitted by law. HAGOC may re-license or transfer these received rights to any third party.

3. The committed person shall not publish in whole or in part of the solution in any territory, in any form, including but not limited to print or electronic. The committed person also guarantees that it has not been and will not be entitled to authorize on its own any use or development, in any form, of the solution for the key projects of "Smart Games" to any third-party.

4. The committed person agrees that the contents of the solution will be adjusted, modified and improved in accordance with the requirements of HAGOC and the Evaluation Committee for further improvement and revision, so as to ensure that the solution can meet the requirements put forward by HAGOC and the OCA and reflect the characteristics and concepts of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. Any modification to the solution for the key projects of "Smart Games" shall not be considered as any infringement of such solution.

5. HAGOC does not need to pay any royalties or any fees related to the solution. The committed person will not share any benefit from the commercial use of the solution in any form, any capacity or any name, and will not release the submitted solution before it is released by HAGOC.

6. The committed person promises that HAGOC has the right to decide on any form of use, development, authorisation, licensing or protection of the final selected solution without any interference or restriction by the committed person or any third party.

Article 4 The committed person voluntarily promises to bear the following responsibilities for any and all acts in violation of this Letter of Commitment:

1. In the case that the committed person has not taken effective remedial measures within 10 days from the date of HAGOC's written notice of request for correction within a time limit, HAGOC has the right to cancel the evaluation qualification of the solution submitted by the committed person, and the committed person shall compensate the full amount of losses caused to HAGOC (including but not limited to reputation loss, direct economic losses, and losses that HAGOC should pay to third parties, the same below).

2. If the solution submitted by the committed person or any form of use of such solution by HAGOC causes HAGOC and its authorized units to face or suffer any claims, complaints/litigation/arbitration, etc. from any third-party, or results in HAGOC and its authorized units suffering any direct or indirect reputation or economic losses, regardless of whether the committed person is at fault or not, the committed person shall, in accordance with the requirements of HAGOC, take sufficient and appropriate measures to ensure the use of the solution by HAGOC and such use to be protected from any of the above effects. The committed person shall bear the expenses incurred thereby and compensate for all the losses caused to HAGOC.

Article 5 This Letter of Commitment shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China (for the purposes of this letter of commitment only, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are excluded).

Article 6 This Letter of Commitment shall enter into force as soon as it is signed. It shall not be withdrawn or revoked for any reason without the written consent of HAGOC.

Article 7 This Letter of Commitment shall take effect from the date of signature and seal made by the committed person.

Committed person (filled by corporate or unincorporated organisation):

Official seal:

Signature of legal representative / responsible person:

Signature of authorized representative:

Date: MM/DD/YY

Appendix 2

Letter of Authorisation

To: The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee (hereinafter referred to as "HAGOC") 

[ ] (printed name, position) is the legal representative/principal responsible person of [ ] (the name of the Participant), and now authorizes [ ] (printed name) from [ ] (the name of the internal department of the corporate or unincorporated organisation) as the authorized representative of the Participant, in the name of the Participant, represent the Participant to participate in the Call for Solutions for the Key Projects of "Smart Games" of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. All relevant documents signed and all related matters handled by the authorized representative in the process of the Call are the acts on behalf of the Participant and have the same legal effect as the acts of the Participant. The Participant will directly assume all the obligations, responsibilities and consequences of any and all actions of the authorized representative. The authorized representative has no transfer authority. If the Participant withdraws or replaces the authorisation, such withdrawal or replacement must be sent to HAGOC in writing, and approved and validated by HAGOC.

It is hereby authorized.

Name of the authorized representative of the Participant:

Residence address:

Valid ID number:


Authorized representative signature sample:


Official seal:

Signature of legal representative / principal responsible person:

Date: MM/DD/YY

Appendix 3

Form of Solution Information

Name of Participant


Name of Legal Representative


Legal Residence


Registration Date


Correspondence address






Email address


Official website



Contact person


Contact No.



Information of solution application

Solution name


Documents contained in the submitted solution:

Qualification documents and legal documents include:

1. General information of the Participant (subject to this form, attached with the Participant's business license, organisation code certificate, and copies of the valid ID cards of the legal representative, responsible person and authorized representative)

2. Letter of Commitment

3. Letter of Authorisation

The submitted solution include:

1. Solution scheme

2.Video materials (optional)

The Participant has read, understood and accepted the entire contents of the "Announcement on the Call for Solutions for the Key Projects of 'Smart Games' of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022" and guarantees that the information provided in this form is true.


Signature of legal representative or responsible person:


Signature of authorized representative:




Date of completing this form:


Except for the part marked optional, all the rest is required to be filled.out.