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Athletic Hangzhou
2017/12/15 23:21 Source:

Hangzhou is teeming with athletic vigor. The city’s athletes, have made sensational achievements, which have consolidated the city’s strength in swimming, volleyball and some power sports besides optimizing the city’s plans for developing competitive sports. Hangzhou’s strength in swimming are renowned across the world. The “Honors of the Asian Games” scheme will add to the success and excellence of the Games 2022.

Hangzhou thrives on water – many public sports facilities have been built in waterfront areas. Along with the orderly development of latest sports facilities, locals are being empowered with fitness schemes. At the same time, the city boasts several national and international sports events, such as Hangzhou Marathon, International (Hangzhou) Trail-Walk, Nationwide Choreography Finals, Crossing Qiantangjiang River.

In line with the initiative of “Healthy China”, Hangzhou’s sports sectors are growing vibrantly together with tourism, leisure, conference & exhibition, health and information sectors. A vibrant sports industry begins to take shape.

Hangzhou is developing the sports sectors that match its level of socioeconomic development.