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Understanding the New Outfit of Asian Games
2021/05/03 19:24 Source: The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee

City Display Master Plan for the Asian Games and the Asian Para Games Organizing Committee Hangzhou 2022 has officially released. It provides a set of guidelines and standards for combining Asian Games image elements in and around Hangzhou Asian Games venues and in the city display.

The specific plan is divided into three parts:the cities part, the venues part, and the venue-related part. The cities part includes the "city gateway" and "important road sections and dedicated routes for the Asian Games", such as the airport, railway station and metro lines. While the venue's part includes the venues for the Hangzhou Asian Games. The planning and design of the different areas will be based on their respective characteristics, with elements, atmosphere and colours planned and scientifically coordinated.

irports, railway stations, highway entrances and exits often portray people's first impressions of Hangzhou. These locations are therefore designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Most of the corresponding decorative artworks will adopt Asian Games mascots in a welcoming gesture. On the other hand,the venues are decorated in contrasting and vibrant colours to enhance the event's atmosphere.

By 2022,a comprehensive landscape and atmosphere phase will be underway, from the Asian Games venues to the Asian Games Village.

By then,people coming to Hangzhou will also be able to experience the atmosphere and warmth of the Asian Games more directly.

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