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Hangzhou’s grand plans for one-year countdown to 2022 Asian Games
2021/04/13 18:29 Source: OCA News

  Hangzhou 2022 is preparing a fun-filled package of festivities to celebrate the one-year countdown to the 19th Asian Games. 

  The ceremonies and events department of organising committee HAGOC has lined up no fewer than six events to mark this crucial milestone to the 19th Asian Games, which will run from September 10-25, 2022. 

  The one-year countdown is a key moment in HAGOCs preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games, HAGOC said in a report to the 4th OCA Coordination Committee meeting on April 8. 

  During that time, HAGOC will stage various celebrations rich in meaning and variety. 

  The events scheduled to date are: 

  *Asian Superstars Concert on September 11 at the Main Stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Park. Nicknamed Big Lotus, the stadium seats 80,000 spectators. Popular singers from China and other Asian countries will be invited to take part, depending on the pandemic situation. The event will serve as a dress rehearsal for the Asian Games opening ceremony on September 10, 2022. 

  *Symphony Orchestra Concert with Olympic-inspired elements on September 8 at Hangzhou Grand Theatre to present the characteristics of Hangzhou city and Zhejiang province. 

  *Asian Games Dreams street art activity along both sides of the Qiantang River. Hangzhou 2022 ambassadors such as diving legend Guo Jingjing will be invited to join children from provincial and national Asian Games Football Dream Schools and draw Qiantang Graffiti” – a 2,022-metre-long wall decorated with Asian Games dreams.  

  *Franchised products market and exhibitions on September 10-12 with the theme Bring the Asian Games Home. 

  *China Mobile Cup nationwide Asian Games English Star Contest from May to August 2021 with the theme Together we achieve more. The English language-speaking competition will also assist in volunteer recruitment. 

  *Co-host cities Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Shaoxing and Huzhou will organise a series of online and offline events including cultural performances, sports activities, art festivals and exhibitions and video and broadcast productions to reflect the local characteristics and culture of each city.