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New sailing centre completed for 19th Asian Games
2021/04/01 14:12 Source:

Zhejiang Ocean Sports Centre will host 14 sailing events at the 19th Asian Games.(HAGOC)

Hangzhou, China, March 31, 2021: The organising committee of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 has paid tribute to the workers building the Zhejiang Ocean Sports Centre.

Organising committee HAGOC has announced that the construction and decoration of the newly built centre for sailing and windsurfing is complete.

“Salute to the builders for your 830 days of hard work,” said a Facebook post, along with a photograph of the venue.

The Zhejiang Ocean Sports Centre is located at co-host city Ningbo, 140km from Hangzhou, and is 38km from the Ningbo satellite village.

It has a land area of 156,900 sq m and a floor area of 16,400 sq m.

There will be 14 sailing events at the 19th Asian Games, which will run from September 10-25, 2022 at Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province in eastern China.

Sailing was first contested at the 6th Asian Games in 1970 at Bangkok. It was not included in the 7th Asian Games in Tehran in 1974 but has been held at every edition thereafter, reports the Asian Sailing Federation (ASAF).

China leads the overall medal standings with 30 gold, 19 silver and 12 bronze for 61 total medals, followed by Korea with 22-11-16 (49), Japan 20-22-12 (54), Singapore 14-11-18 (43) and Thailand 10-14-25 (49).

There has been a total of 115 events in the history of sailing at the Asian Games.