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Hangzhou Marketing Programme Calls at Hong Kong
2019/07/09 22:47 Source: Sporting Asia

OCA Vice President Timothy Fok discusses the Hangzhou 2022 marketing programme with HAGOC's Director of Press and Public Relations, Zhou Shu, in Hong Kong.

A promotional meeting for the Hangzhou 2022 marketing programme was held in Hong Kong on April 15 and attracted over 50 world renowned companies and organisations.

It was the first such event since organising committee HAGOC launched its marketing programme on December 26, 2018.

During the meeting, HAGOC officials briefed attendees on the marketing programme which is comprised of four major parts – sponsorship, licensing, marketing operation and ticketing.

By March 2019, HAGOC had secured partners in six areas including information technology and cloud services, financial technology services, communication services, banking services and air and auto services.

To further increase the international profile and marketing poten- tial of the Hangzhou Asian Games, a Hong Kong liaison office was established to strengthen cooperation in the relevant fields.

The HAGOC marketing event will also be held in Beijing, Shang- hai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Ningbo.