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Call for Asian Games Football Dream Schools
2019/06/04 19:46 Source: The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee

In April 2018, the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee (HAGOC) joined hands with Young Footballer Growth Fund and launched the public campaign “Asian Games Football Dream” on the donation platform of Alipay. In merely a year, money and equipment amounting to over RMB 2.32 million were donated by over 3.86 million individuals and enterprises such as Jinling Sports and Wensli Group, which effectively drew the public attention to Hangzhou 2022.

Based on the project schedule of Asian Games Football Dream, HAGOC staged the first donation event “Power up for Hangzhou 2022 · Asian Games Football Dream” at Xingzhou Primary School of Hangzhou on December 29, 2018. Football gear and training courses were donated to 11 schools with youth football specialty in Zhejiang Province to actively give back to society and kindle the football dreams of youths. On the day of the event, “Power up for Hangzhou 2022” ambassadors Wang Shuang, Liu Jianhong and Liu Cheng were presented with Letters of Appointment and interacted with student representatives from beneficiary schools through activities such as fun football games and live tutorials, to help young footballers fulfil their dreams.

Call for dream schools 

HAGOC plans to donate to and support campus football at 2022 schools before the opening of Hangzhou 2022, aiming to uncover the interest and enthusiasm of children towards football, improve their health through the sport of football, fulfil the football dreams of children, and actively promote sportsmanship and the spirit of the Asian Games.

Schools wishing to take part in the public event of Asian Games Football Dream may apply if they meet the following requirements:

1. Primary schools with over 150 students

2. Schools that will not be relocated or dissolved and merged within the next 5 years

3. Schools with enough space for campus football

4. Schools that can guarantee at least 1 football class per class per week

5. Schools that actively support campus football and recognise the values of football and physical education

* Schools satisfying one of the following requirements shall be given prior consideration:

a. Schools from key counties for national poverty-alleviation development or areas of extreme poverty in the “three regions and three prefectures”

b. Football specialty schools or schools that have achieved good results at municipal-level or above league competitions.

Application channels and procedure 

You may apply via any of the following means to join hands in the drive to power up for Hangzhou 2022 and spread the love:

1. Click “Read the original text” at the end of the text to apply.

2. Scan the QR code below and go to Application channel.

3. Download the“E-Sports” and complete the application online.

Online application 

Application is open all year round. Review, selection and donation will be conducted on a rotation basis.

Official WeChat: CTsubasa (workday 09:30 – 17:30)

E-mail: school@football-grown.com

Preliminary review 

The project team will preliminarily review the information submitted by schools and contact schools that satisfy the requirements within 7 working days upon receipt of application;


The project team will send staff or volunteers to visit some of the applying schools and verify the actual conditions against the applications received;

Agreement signing and donation 

Schools that have passed the verification shall sign official donation agreements and be formally announced.


The Asian Games Football Dream School will receive the following:

1. RMB 8,000 worth of Asian Games Football Dream professional training kits and outfits.

2. Asian Games Football Dream campus football-course kit (course + games).

3. Teachers will be invited to attend the professional coach training programme of Asian Games Football Dream.

4. Participation in events of Asian Games Football Dream, including football summer camps and friendship games.

5. Officially recognised and certified by Hangzhou 2022 as Asian Games Football Dream Schools.

6. The opportunity to register for other on-campus projects of “Power up for Hangzhou 2022”.

7. Teachers and students will be invited to watch Hangzhou 2022 competitions.