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Key Tasks of Hangzhou Asian Games Set out for Next Year, Official Website to Be Launched by the End of Year
2017/12/15 17:55 Source: Zhejiang Online
Date of Release: November 26, 2017  

  The Hangzhou Asian Games are one more step closer to us. 

The Second Executive Board Meeting and the Second Plenary Session of the Organizing Committee for the 19th Asian Games (HAGOC) were held in Hangzhou on November 25, 2017.

Since the establishment of HAGOC on April 9, 2016, the preparatory work for the Hangzhou Asian Games has been progressing steadily. Under the leadership of HAGOC, the “one office and nine departments” operating at the preliminary stage, have focused on mechanism design, master planning and preparations. According to the Preparatory Work Report, the Hangzhou Asian Games will follow the general concept of hosting the Games in a “green, smart, economical and ethical” manner. In terms of venue design, construction and operation, existing venues will be fully utilized, and the concept of green, sustainable Asian Games shall be upheld. The smartness level of venues shall be enhanced enormously by making use of “Internet +” technologies, with a touch of “Hangzhou culture” and “China story” to demonstrate the unique charm of the city. In the meantime, the transport network and ecological environment of Hangzhou will see extensive improvement, which is sure to enhance the quality of people’s life while giving a boost to the city’s humanistic quality and innovative vibrancy.

The preparation for the Asian Games will enter the third year in 2018. The coming year will be “a year for deepening the implementation of the preparatory work plan, a year for advancing venue construction and launch of marketing”, as the Preparatory Work Report pointed out.

The official website for the Hangzhou Asian Games will be launched at the end of this year. The website will serve as a platform to procure emblem and mascot designs in the upcoming year.

Next September, the Flag Handover will be held at the Closing Ceremony of the Jakarta Asian Games in Indonesia, during which Hangzhou will receive the flag and stage the art performance of “Hangzhou Time”.