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Briefing on Preparations for the Asian Games 2022 Held in Hangzhou
2017/12/14 16:41 Source: Hangzhou Daily Reporter

Date of Release: June 24, 2016 

The Briefing on the preparations for the Asian Games 2022 was held in Hangzhou on June 23, 2016. Zheng Jiwei, Vice President of HAGOC and Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, attended the meeting. Zhang Hongming, Vice President and Secretary General of HAGOC and Mayor of Hangzhou, delivered the report on the progress of Games preparations, while Hussain Al-Musallam, Director General of OCA, made remarks at the Briefing. 

According to Zhang’s report, the preparatory work has been progressing as planned since Hangzhou won the bid to host the 19th Asian Games. Hangzhou has integrated the Games preparations into its economic and social development planning. HAGOC and its working departments have been established while the survey, planning and construction of venues have been progressing as scheduled. Adhering to the concept of hosting a “green, smart, economical and ethical” Games, Hangzhou will carry out high-quality preparatory work in all aspects and launch the “Fitness for All along with the Asian Games” Programme, with a view to delivering a fantastic, successful and unforgettable sports gala. 

Hussain Al Musallam remarked that since winning the bid the city has been making unremitting efforts to prepare for the Games. The city has met OCA’s requirements in terms of HAGOC’s organisational structure, staffing, working mechanism and project identification. Hangzhou and OCA have developed a deep friendship during the process. During his visit, Hussain found out that the city had become more beautiful and its level of governance has improved as well. He believes that as preparations advance, Hangzhou will benefit more from the hosting of the Games. The OCA is willing to work with all the stakeholders to ensure the complete success of Hangzhou Asian Games and the development of sports in the region. 

Earlier, Hussein Al-Musallam and his delegation visited the Hangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the West Lake Lighting Project, the Olympic & Expo Center and the venues in Xiaoshan and Binjiang.