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Post-Asian Games Utilization of The Venues
2021/04/12 13:39 Source: The Road to Hangzhou 2022

As the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games draws nearer,

54 competition venues in the province are being completed one after another by this year.

Each venue is filled with the wisdom and sweat of the builders.

The constructors are earnestly implementing

the "green, smart, economical and ethical" concept of hosting

the games in the construction of the venues.

The post-Asian Games utilization of the venues were already considered.


Hangzhou Normal University is located in Future Sci-Tech City,

and it is going to host both volleyball and rugby during the 19th Asian Games.

Taking this opportunity,

the university upgraded its venue so that

it will be able to accommodate 12,000 spectators.

The venue will be used for sports teaching,

football and athletics competitions after the Games.

As one of the sports venues of the Asian Games,

Jianggan Sports Centre also upgraded its facilities.

Now the new outdoor basketball park and rainbow track

can offer citizens a better experience when doing exercise.