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Black Tech of Hangzhou Asian Games Venue Unveiled (1)
2021/03/24 14:06 Source: The Road to Hangzhou 2022

As Asian Games is about to kick off in Hangzhou,

topics on the construction of Hangzhou Asian Games venues have

become more wildly discussed by the public.

There are currently 54 venues under construction for

Asian Games in Zhejiang Province.

What are the highlights of them?

In this episode,

let's have a closer look at the unique features in some of the venues.

In the future,

both the opening and closing ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games will take place at the main venue of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre,

also known as the Big Lotus.Surrounded by colourful seats,

it is the third-largest stadium in China,

with a capacity of 80,000 people,

the only one with such capacity in Zhejiang. In the future,

it will serve as the main venue of Hangzhou Asian Games,

and help build up Hangzhou's reputation as the host city of international sporting events.

Apart from the Big Lotus,

the Small Lotus also adopted the “petals” design. Unlike the Big Lotus,

the "petals" of small lotus can open and close depending on the weather.

It is also the only ITF-recognized(Two Star) tennis court in China.

“In the south, there is the Big Lotus;

in the north, there is the Hangzhou Umbrella.

" Hangzhou's biggest "umbrella" unveils for all upon the Hangzhou Asian Games Hockey venue's finish of membrane installation.

This “Hangzhou umbrella” is the venue in the Canal Asian Games Park.

Intelligent supporting facilities are widely equipped in the Canal Asian Games Park.

The lawn has a sponge base that collects rainwater, so no manual irrigation is needed. In the future,

even the street lights will be equipped with 5G.

Besides the function of illuminating the streets,

it also serves as a small signal transmitting tower.

Year 2021 is crutial for Games prepartion with competition venues completed and many venue facilities taken on new looks.

Holding Hangzhou 2022 will see integration of fitness and health for general public and shared development of competitive sports and sports for general public.